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Here my "Uses Page"

The initiative

This Monday (2020-01-20), listening to I hear about the Wes Bos' initiative, something I see more and more in developers profiles and I found very useful to get good ideas of tools people found in their daily work.

Why I joined to the idea

I play the guitar since I was 10 years old, and in bands from the '00s, and I remember copying our favourites bands gears and configurations in a page called Guitargeek (no longer online) when I was finding my sound.

So when I saw the initiative created, I got in love with the idea to apply it to our tools as developers, and I found both and each /uses pages super interesting to see what people are using and get improvement ideas.

Here you have mine

So I created my /uses, adding not only "Hardware" but the pieces of software and technology I use daily and after years of usage, I found it worth to keep in my workflow.

Feel free to visit it and hopefully get some ideas

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