Side Projects

I love to evolve and develop new skills by taking on new projects such as side business, which can complement my soft skills, or developing pet projects outside the scope of my main job, to learn and try new technologies.


A coworking space founded by my partners and I, based in Conil de la Frontera (Spain). I decided to set up this space to be more productive and meet new and interesting people who also work as freelancers. Our office, located in the centre of town, works as a meeting point for local talent and digital nomads from Conil. This helps us to grow, teach and learn, as well as to enhance our productivity.

Small Test / Exercises

I use to create little pieces of code to learn, experiment and have fun. Recently I started publishing those on my GitHub account to show my code style and, maybe, help someone else with the challenges I try to solve with them. Some nice onces are:
  • This page

    The site was built with Gatsby and deployed on Netlify everything here has been crafted from scratch. I have a blog post where I explain the details and the repo readme has also a lot of details about it.
  • Wappalyzer to markdown (wappalyzer-to-md)

    is a simple npm script to extract wappalyzer information in markdown format to the clipboard.
  • Journal Updated

    ,continuation and updated version of the output from the levelUpTuts tutorial called Level 2 React Native With Graphql. Basically here you will find the next steps, as far as I understand, I would follow to move the output of this tutorial to be used as a real application with both, expo and react-native-scripts, and, additional, little improvements I wanted to put in practice with this good and complete exercise as code base.
  • Language Exercise

    Just a simple example to show and practice code skills resolving the implementation of a simple game of selecting the missing word in a sentence. And practice with react v.16, react-router v4.2 and redux-saga.
  • Chat Exercise

    Another simple exercise to implement a full-stack realtime chat application. The server side is implemented using Meteor, MongoDB, and swydo:ddp-apollo to provide the Graphql interface. The frontend part uses React v.16, Graphql, apollo-client v2.2.0 with apollo-link-http to get GraphQL communication resolved over HTTP and subscriptions-transport-ws to get subscriptions through WebSocket.

Leap Motion Interactive Gallery Exhibition

Utilizing the Leap Motion VR platform, this web application was created for the “Encierro Exhibition” project, which allows people to interact with an image gallery using hand gestures. An image gallery of the project can be found on my partner’s website


A Google Chrome extension that provides extra functionality, such as integration, to the web-based “Synology DSM AudioStation” application. The frontend is built using Jquery, Underscore, Backbone and Bootstrap. It is published in the Chrome Web Store and the code repository can be found at GitHub. The backend consists of a Node.js + Express.js server, running in OpenShift, with mongoose.js to connect to a MongoLab instance. The codebase for this can be found alsoon GitHub. Both, server and client side, use mocha.js and sinon.js for testing.

TimeLapse Tasks Manager

TimeLapse Tasks Manager; RIA consisted on Java EE Backend (Struts 2 + Flexjson, Hibernate + JPA orchestrated through Spring 2.5 with MySQL as DBMS) and HTML + JavaScript (Dojo Toolkit 1.3.1) Frontend with JSON for transmitting all data without using any JSP or other view technology on Server. Sources published on GitHub. This project got a "Exceptional Undergraduate Dissertation Award" by the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería e Informática, ETSII (where I studied my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Software Engineering)

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