About me

My name is Roberto Vázquez González. I'm a Spanish freelance programmer based in Conil de la Frontera (Spain). I've been successfully working remotely 5+ years. I have more than ten years' extensive experience as a full stack web developer. For the past four years, I've been the lead frontend developer for a London-based startup called Precursive. If you are interested to get more details about my CV, feel free to contact me or check my profile on Linkedin.
I practice Ashtanga Yoga 3+ times per week, usually before working at 7:30 am, Ashtanga really changed the way I overcome the challenges and it makes my day, even before having properly started it.
Another passion of mine is playing the guitar. I started to play this instrument in the conservatoire when I was ten years old, and continued to do so in a few rock bands until I began my university studies. Now, ten years later, I play in a jazz/funk band and I'm delighted to be back playing in a group.
The province of Cadiz is renowned for its fantastic surf beaches, so last year I decided to give surfing a go. I try to get in the water every weekend and enjoy the progress I seem to be making.
Music, surfing, and ashtanga yoga are the basic foundations of my lifestyle. I feel happier than ever and this has had a positive impact on my work, as I feel like I've managed to find the right life work balance.

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