What do I use?

This `/uses` page was created inspired by Wes Bos' uses.tech and basically, it's a place where you can find everything I use as a developer. If you see something on this list that interests you, feel free to reach out to me for more information if there's not enough here. Here I explain it a bit more.


  • JavaScript (ES6) + Babel: I just love it
  • CSS: Sometimes still using Vanilla CSS, usually SCSS, styled-components or Styled JSX
  • HTML: Mostly JSX these days
  • Java/Apex: Was my main tool years ago, now just using a bit of Apex at work.

Frameworks / Libraries

  • React: To build everything:
    • SPAs usually just with create-react-app.
    • iOS and Android apps with React Native + Expo
    • Webs with Gatsby (but to be honest, I'm just using Next.js nowadays...).
    • Complex webs with Next, as I can do SSR with Lambda or Node, Static and SSG all with the same framework Next.js.
  • Node.js / JavaScript's Lambda / Hostings: When I choose backend technology, I'm very low friction guy, I love BaaS's or SaaS's to focus more on giving value to the product and not on DevOp. That's why I use very conformable, easy and scalable services like Netlify, Now, Firebaseor Prismic. At work using Salesforce as backend.
  • Vue: Yes, I also use it from time to time 💁‍♂️, tried with the SPA, Static & "Progressive" flavours (Vue CLI, Gridsome and Nuxt.js respectively), but I still prefer to use React 90% of the cases.


  • Visual Studio Code (Insiders): It's my main coding tool, Vim, Prettier and Code Spell Checker are my essential plugins and you can find my full VSCode config in this gist in GitHub by Settings Sync.
  • Visual Studio Code:
    ... I use this second instance of VSCode only for documentation.Mainly to switch from "documenting" VSCode instance to "coding" instance in a fast way (sharing the same configuration).
    I have two folders (workLog && tech notes) saved in Dropbox with YYYYDDMM_topic.md (eg. 20191129_OFFF_Sevilla_19.md) or topic.md (e.g. RxJS.md) format respectively. Usually tech notes grow and workLog are draft notes using Markdown instead of paper.
    The best part of using this approach is you have all your notes indexed by Spotlight and VSCode for free, so it's super easy to access any old topic just by searching it.
    I even access those notes on the go with MWeb app. I tried a couple of Markdown editor in iPhone and this is not only great, but allow to import directly from files from Dropbox 🙌.
  • IntelliJ IDEA + Illuminated Cloud: It's the default way for me to deploy Salesforce, ...when I have to.
  • aside.io:When I have to do quick changes in a specific Salesforce org. Nice online editor
  • Sublime Editor:5 Years back, it was my main editor, then JSX and es6 arrived and we all looked to VSCode great and earlier support. Still using eventually, when I want to save battery or open huge files.

Software (Productivity)

  • Alfred with Power Pack + Clipboard History + Snippets: It's one of the main reasons to be so productive with my mac.
  • Choosy: Essential to be able to manage all the browsers I use.
  • Jira: The way we manage our teamwork.
  • KanbanFlow: The way I manage everything I have to do with the computer and work with Pomodoros.
  • Timing: Call me crazy, but try to improve my productivity numbers, keep me motivated.
  • Apple Reminders + Calendar Events: Shopping List, events, things to remember to do...
  • Slack + Zoom + Google Hangouts + Gmail: Communication is key for success for remote workers 👨‍💻.
  • 1 Password: Both at work and as my personal password manager.
  • Dropbox + Google Drive: Sharing and automatic backups for my files.
  • Harvest: Client invoices and as work/project timer counter.
  • Doc Variables + Hello Sign: Coworking Contracts, works like a charm, having the templates prepared.
  • Wave: Accounting Software


  • Corker - coworking space:... I co-found it, so I love to go to our coworking space to work and disconnect at home.
  • MacBook pro 13'(2018, four thunderbolt 3 ports, 2,7 ghz i7, 16 gb ram) + BenQ g2400w display 24': Makes me feel productive in the office and offers the power and flexibility I need.
  • mstand + UBoard smart 3 ports stand: The right position is important.
  • iPhone 8 + AirPods: You know, the  ecosystem.
  • AKG k240 studio + Aune t1 mk2 dac: Without music, life would be a mistake. - Nietzsche
  • Synology DS215j + C2 Backup:Backup for everything.

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