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Is there cooperation between coworkers?

We are currently living strange times where our path is no longer well defined for any of us. Financial Crack, Several Corruption Cases in all the layers of our system and the biggest Ethical Crisis never seen before makes ourselves keep lost, hopeless and without trusted model to follow.

So with all social rules breaking our basic instinct and learned morals become more important to make decision but, what it's happening? I not writing to praise for isolated well acting or acts of kindness of some people, what would have always been the natural way of behaving between each other, but to complain about selfishness and cruelty I find these days in society, works environments and even families.

I will try to focus on work environment where it's increasingly common to see people fighting each other at work to get a better position in their company, no matter what it cost. It's true this have usually happened in a few cases to promote, but now it about preventively keep their job. Colleges shows rivalry to their coworkers and act against them just to 'survive'. The worse our work conditions are, the worse people treat each other, even causing more hurt and more pressure to them on their daily job than their bosses do!. I have seen examples of this in both public and private sector.

Two important deductions to get; Fighting each other would just create a new problems to resolve, and of course, helping our coworkers will rise our productivity, our results and even our happiness at work. So think twice before acting selfishly with the people you work with.

Sadly the causes which triggered our crisis have not gone yet, we are more and more unmotivated 'to rise against the system', probably by the learned helplessness our politicians have produced us with their passivity in helping people, lying in everything and making us feel not to have any control about the decisions the make about our future. We, as a whole, start to look more like a huge asleep group of starveling pigeons than humans. In summary it's difficult to find hope in this panorama until we start to react, to regroup and to fight.

Consequently the worst is yet to come, therefore we had better try to make stronger communities to stay better prepared to shed light on these coming future shadows.

Image by Flickr user Kali99 used under a Creative Commons license.
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