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I don't need you, iTunes

Six month ago, I lost my dear iPod Classic 80 GB which I used every day for four years until this tragic moment... now I can say, I don't miss it at all.

When I lost it, I had a big music library with about 70 GB and now it consists of more than 100 Gb of mp3. It's so comfortable to be able to listen to your full library always when you want and off-line (without Internet) only using this device, the bad part comes when you have to manage its content.

Yes, I know there are several alternatives to iTunes, but the owner of an iPod usually manages his library with iTunes ( Window's iTunes in my case ), which is the slowest program ever I've used just doing... everything and use to fail, especially when your library is on your local network because there's no enough free space in your PC's hard drive. With all the above I can ensure the process of add or edit music on this device was tedious, it forced me to have to use always the same PC, and it used to take me a long time...

At home I have a NAS where I put every digital thing, and my music library is not an exception, specifically it is the Synology DS211j, one of best purchases I've ever made, after the loss I started using it as music streamer as well as NAS. Synology has his own Operative System accessible via HTTP called DSM, so I can access to it anywhere and with any device. For example I listen to music at work via Synology Audio Station inside any browser, and with my iPhone and Android devices through DS Audio so, in this way, I can access to my personal music library anywhere if I am connected to Internet. In addition DS audio has the availability to make a buffer with the last songs you have heard and even specifically make any list off-line available...

Well... this is not all, now the process to add songs to my library could not be easier, just add mp3 files or folders inside an specific folder DSM create for your music library ( /music ) and all these songs will be available on all each sources I enumerated above. And you many also edit ID3 tag of each song by revising its detail information to keep every piece of your music well-organized.

And before finishing I would like to explain something more I usually do when I listen to songs with digital devices... scrobbling them to Of course when I used to synchronize my loss iPod with iTunes, the official scrobbler did its work. The problem now is that neither Synology Audio Station nor DS Audio are compatibles and this problem has a partial solution: Synology Scrobbler, this is a Google Chrome Extension which does the job of scrobbling and which I had the honor of collaborating with thanks to @dalager, but that's a different story.

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