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Guide to online sustainability

I would just like to explain some basic ideas about how the Internet Products and Services work and what is our role on this scenario.

Learn English:

Internet is made for and by a very different amount of people from everywhere, so in order to make their information as available as they can, is common to see English Language to be used as a universal language, in that way, the information written could reach more people. If you, as a user, want to get the most out of Internet, you will need this language key. It is incredible all the information you can find available once you know that and not only to be able to access more information but also to access the best, breaking news or even professional data could make you improve in your professional career.

Look for services instead app:

Today the everybody has access to 'private' applications stores. Apple has the App Store for iOS and Mac Store for Mac, Android has Google Play, Windows 8 has just released his new Windows Store, and all of them make thoroughly trivial accessing to these content and to spending money on it. But something that is not so easy to realise that what you buy there, usually, only works there and if you change your fancy smartphone, buy a new computer with other Operative System or want to access to your own content from other device or directly through the Internet, you probably find that you can’t. So a good solution is to look for Services that offers what you want and are available from your current device. For example if you buy an e-book in iBooks or iTunes from Apple, then you will be unavailable to read it on a non-apple device, but in opposition e-books bought on Amazon will be read on any kind of device, even directly from the web. I usually pay for services such as Remember The Milk, Toshl, Keeper... instead buy just applications in the stores.

Be the client not the product:

The Internet is a hostile virtual world where all inhabiting enterprises try to survive earning money ( like in the real world ). That is said, we as the Internet users, must realize about that fact, and with it on mind try to discover how the services we use day by day earn money, because we are directly connected with that process. Trying to do the right things ( using legitimately services and application ) I really think we should pay for some of the services we use instead of using free one, or at least be aware of the fact that others will earn money with our personal information that could be extracted or sent through the use of their service, it means, you are the product and not the client. Without transparency it could be upset or even dangerous for your privacy. For example Instagram changed their privacy policy ( although later they had to retract themselves ) that was because it is a free service whose purpose was to be sold, and when they achieved it ( Facebook paid $741 million for being the owners ), Facebook had to get their 'return on investment'. Flickr in contrast allows you to decide your photo’s license and you will always be the one who have the control of your work.

Do not put your eggs all in one basket!

Everybody knows that cloud is a fashionable term, its a brand new horizon opened in front of us. It is amazing to be able to store your documents in applications and to access those files from other application. Dropbox, iCloud, Skydrive or the closed Megaupload. All of them are services to store your data on the Internet and then share them, access to it from everywhere, but, what will happens if this services shuts down? Because there is no border online, sometimes a services could close on account of a law. So be aware of where you store your important data such as photos, personal documents, and so.
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Image by Flickr user jurvetson used under a Creative Commons license.
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