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We're like wine, we get better with time

It's curious how the time makes you improve with almost everything. People sometimes get the wrong idea of losing faculties with the time and this is only true for physical and mental deterioration but within healthful limits, you will be more productive to accomplish tasks you know with time.

I enjoy switching my routines, learning new hobbies and changing the ways I take to achieve my goals. In this process it's easy to leave behind some abilities, in spite of what would be natural, we don't forget them but we improve what we know to do, like wine, our talent gets better with time.

Well, it's true that there is nothing new with that, just the experience concept, but the amazing thing ( for me at least ) with is that you keep improving also without continue practicing a ability.

I realized about this reflection some days ago, but it fits perfect in different aspects of my life. I, as developer, use to check it when I learn a new technology, library, framework for coding I use them better after a while rather than just after having learned them. Ok, the way for explaining this is simple you need time to assimilate what they have learned. But not only a little period, sometimes we are talking about years, and without practicing during that time, e.g. I've spent more than a year without coding PL/SQL ( either pure SQL just some criteria queries which are too different ) and now it's by far easier for my to write difficult queries than before, and this is amazing, I remember better how to think in the old way of SQL than when I learned it.

Even more astonish is what happen with the guitar and songs I learned with, with no rehearsal those songs I used to play, they sounds better when I start playing them again after some months or so.

After more than one year using my reflex camera just for taking events pictures ( like christenings, weddings, communions, birthdays and other family events ) in which you don't use your camera for creating art photos but just to remember this moments, it awesome to realize how I master my abilities and I'm able to control all of them to do exactly what you want to express within a shot.

Check this photo, from a set of pictures I took in Río Tinto in early May.

Another good thing about it's the perspective you get when you resume an activity that you stopped practicing and the better election of the ways to resolve a problem o express a feeling you can do. Of course this is be caused because your brain sort what you have learned with time, giving you the right control over your learned skills.

It's amazing the feeling that there is always place for more and what you already know will improve by itself, so you know; You can never learn too much.

PD: This is my first time I use Markdown in a writing, and I'm thoroughly pleasant with.

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