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Rise Against Procrastination

I usually try to stay up to date, and it is obvious that as a programmer I use the Internet to do it, but the Internet is wild and huge enough to make you get lost.

So it is important to keep yourself focus on what you can do with the time you want to spend into. With this in mind, I would like you to explain how I usually 'rise against the procrastination'.

I take the information from blogs through Google Reader, which is the easier, faster, and easy way to follow many websites. The problem is that saving time getting the content is not enough to me. So I split the news consuming process in two task;

  • Get the shorts or breaking News read, directly from Google Reader
  • All the important news, articles or even tutorials I haven't enough time to read directly from Google Reader, I just Read it Later.

That is, there are a lot of services to read the web later; Pocket, Instapaper, Safari Read later feature and its integration with iOS 5 or later. There are services as strangers than, which takes selected articles from your Instapaper or Pocket queue and binds them into a book. But with no doubt the best 'Read it Later' service was Readability (no longer available..., here a 2018 guide of the best RSS Readers). Its usability is awesome, it has got applications for most of Operative Systems ( officials and unofficially applications through its API ), you can make any web site more reading-friendly just with a browser extension and it has the 'send to kindle' feature witch allow you to read the articles, news and anything you can find on the Internet into your device. This is important because it is not very comfortable to read long texts into a computer screen and it is easier to carry with a kindle device than with a computer. And last but not least, it is thoroughly free!.

So with a good plan to read, the Internet can be tamed without spending too much time.

Image by Flickr user ZeroOne used under a Creative Commons license.
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