List of Side Projects

AudioStation Steroids

Synology DSM AudioStation is a great application to listen to your music online but I miss some more extra-functionalities. AudioStation Steroids is a Chrome Extension that will try to provide an easy way of extending and improving the original AudioStation such as integration,keyboard shortcut access, etc. Right now it was just published and I hope to inform some news soon, you can find and install it in the Chrome Web Store. If you detect a problem or just would like a new functionality to be implemented please report it in GitHub Issues. This is a free software and the the sources of the project are published in this GitHub: The Chrome Extension here and the server side of the project here. The Icon was designed by Nuria Pérez.

TimeLapse Tasks Manager

TimeLapse Tasks Manager: RIA consisting of a Java EE Back-End (Struts 2 + flexjson, Hibernate + JPA orchestrated through Spring 2.5 with MySQL as DBMS) and a HTML + JavaScript (Dojo Toolkit 1.3.1) Front-End with JSON for transmitting all data without using any JSP or other view technology on Server. This project was the winner of championship of Final Degree Projects of ETSII of Seville in 2010.