Synology DSM AudioStation is a great application to listen to your music online but I miss some more extra-functionalities.
AudioStation Steroids is a Chrome Extension that will try to provide an easy way of extending and improving the original AudioStation with integration,keyboard shortcut access, etc.
Right now it was just published and I hope to inform some news soon, you can find and install it in the Chrome Web Store.
If you detect a problem or just would like a new functionality to be implemented please report it in GitHub Issues.
This is a free software and the the sources of the project are published in this GitHub: The Chrome Extension in this repository and the server side of the project here. The Icon was designed by Nuria Pérez.
  • Scrobbling ( When you have listened more than 50% of a song)
  • Now playing support ( When you start playing a song )
  • Chrome icon indicates when scrobbling is working.
  • Simple Configuration ( It's not necessary to provide the DMS URL, just connect to your profile )
  • Configuration synchronization through your Google Chrome Account, configure once.